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We are a premiere location for your next CDL/DOT Physical Exam, Drug Test, or Alcohol Test

Motor Carriers

Learn about our convenient and cost-effective DOT-related medical services


Accredited training for healthcare providers to perform DOT-related medical services


We help you comply with organizational enforced random drug and alcohol test regulations.

Top Rated and Professional DOT Medical Services

We help companies save time and money by providing nationwide access to DOT medical services at affordable prices. We put our best efforts towards streamlining medical requirement processes for the convenience of the companies we work with.

Accredited Transporation Resources

Training Portal

Access your courses, certificates, notifications, or edit account information.

Drug Test Specimen Collection

We are an excellent source for compliance with drug and alcohol testing in transportation industries

Live Training Classes & Seminars

Live training for DOT information held on various dates in various locations.

Medical Exams and Physicals

Your preferred location for medical exams and physicals that are compliant with DOT requirements

FMCSA Regulations Review & Updates

Review & update your knowledge of all current guidelines, rules, and regulation

EZDOT Consortium

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Frequently asked questions

So, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires those applying for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Georgia to get a regular medical exam. To make things easier for you, EZDOT, LLC will guide you on what you need to know to prepare for your DOT physical exam.

Visit the EZDOT Training Portal for additional information and training virtual and online. Or contact us at (912) 437-8738 / customerservice@ezdot.org

A consortium is simply an association of independent businesses that belong to it for a common purpose. The purpose is to provide a random drug and alcohol testing structure that complies with the DOT standards that the organization falls under. ( for example FMCSA,FAA USGA,NRC FRA and so on) This Consortium/ Third Party Administration serves as drug and alcohol compliancy system between the government and you or your company. It also serves all Non Dot/privately owned businesses. For more information, click here.

The federal government requires random drug testing for all safety-sensitive workers. Your drug policy should state the rate of random selection (example: 50% of employees) and how often (50% annually, spread out equally throughout the year).

Be sure you understand what your regulating agency requires. Employers not regulated by the federal government can set their own random drug testing rate and schedule.

EZDOT LLC is woman owned and veteran employed. It incorporates cutting edge innovation and cost saving strategies for our customers and clients in providing low-cost, high-quality DOT medical exams, DOT alcohol/drug testing for federally regulated industries and all Non-DOT regulated industries. We provide comprehensive work safety programs for all industries.

EZDOT Consortium and Third-Party Administration creates a symbiotic relationship between the businesses, regulations and EZDOT LLC. DRUGGY BUGGY mobile testing provides a cost-effective alternative to individuals with time and cost constraints.

EZDOT LLC continually develops innovative ways for our providers to offer the full spectrum of services that represent a standard of excellence and convenience. EZDOT LLC and the DRUGGY BUGGY mobile testing are in a class by itself and is your preferred choice for DOT/Non-DOT compliance needs.

For any and all of your questions, please call or visit our contact page for additional information.

Enjoy Benefits of EZDOT Membership

Increase Your Efficiency

We ensure your drivers wanting to schedule their drug test at your location with Druggy Buggy.

Provide Cost Savings

Savings on drug & alcohol testing and other benefits when random tests are required.

We Keep You Compliant

Updates, alerts & newsletters are emailed to all members. We keep you ahead of the pack!