drug & alcohol

Motor Carriers and Drivers are required to be in an Alcohol and Drug Testing program that includes random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, return to duty and alcohol testing and other drug and alcohol screening depending of the agency or company policy.


EZDOT LLC is an accredited DOT Drug and Alcohol Screening facility. Providing DOT and non DOT testing is an important part of being the One Stop Shop of services needed and appreciated by our transportation clients.

EZDOT US DOT Qualified Collectors can perform drug and alcohol screening for commercial drivers, pilots, school bus drivers, merchant mariners, transit employees, pipeline workers and all other DOT Administrations as well as being a provider for all Non-DOT regulated businesses that conduct testing of their employees. Alcohol testing is performed by staff members who have completed the DOT training requirements.


DOT Physicals and Drug Testing is mandated by the Department of Transportation. We offer an easy way to get your employees qualified to begin and continue work. We provide a CME (Certified Medical Examiner) Exam and 100% DOT compliant Drug and alcohol testing programs and we are MOBILE in DRUGGY BUGGY mobile testing!

We are your one stop shop to make you compliant with DOT regulations. We can tailor make any drug and alcohol testing program for all DOT and non DOT clients. Schedule a time to update all of your employees. Special rates are available for a variety of circumstances. Regardless of when your DOT exams are due or who you currently using, EDOT can create a comparison and show you how you can save time and money working with us.

EZDOT LLC will develop a DOT mandated company a custom tailored DOT Physical and Drug Testing program:

  • We are equipped to handle everything development, management, and reporting, so you can focus on running your business.
  • We can also maintain your company’s MIS Data Sheets and random screening. Our random selection is computer based, scientifically generated and DOT approved. 
  • We are cost and time-effective. We come to you, so there is virtually zero down-time. All drug and alcohol testing is done on-site, so your employees don’t have to take time off to go to a lab. 
  • We are reliable. Our results are accurate and trusted by Corporations, government agencies and sports organizations throughout our area.