About Us

EZDOT LLC is a professional team specializing in DOT Medical Examinations, Drug and Alcohol Screenings, Consortium, Third Party Administration, Repository and Certification Training.


Areas of Expertise:
DOT Physicals
Drug and Alcohol Screening
Certification Training
Third Party Administration
DOT Consortium
Mobile Drug and Alcohol Screening

Overview: EZDOT LLC is  woman owned and veteran employed. It incorporates cutting edge innovation and cost saving strategies for our customers and clients in providing low cost, high quality DOT medical exams, DOT alcohol/drug testing for federally regulated industries and all Non DOT regulated industries. We provide comprehensive work safety programs for all industries.

EZDOT Consortium and Third Party Administration creates a symbiotic relationship between the businesses ,regulations and EZDOT LLC. DRUGGY BUGGY mobile testing provides a cost effective alternative to individuals with time and cost constraints. 

EZDOT LLC continually develops innovative ways for our providers to offer the full spectrum of services that represent a standard of excellence and convenience. EZDOT LLC and the DRUGGY BUGGY mobile testing are in a class by itself and is your preferred choice for DOT/Non-DOT compliance needs.